A movement threading place-based communities together across watersheds. 

We grow an interwoven fabric of place-based groups, learning centers and containers across many different watersheds to reinforce work being done on the ground, implement new forms of bioregional governance, while celebrating our unique stories, autonomy and context of place.

Welcome to the Cascadia Department of Bioregion, a hub for Cascadians to learn, grow and connect.

We educate about Cascadia, Bioregionalism and Bioregional Mapping. You can find more information about some of the basics here:

  • How Cascadia is Defined
  • The Cascadia movement
  • Bioregionalism
  • Bioregional Mapping

Be an ambassador of your watershed and movement. Below you will find tools and resources to help every person get active for what they care about.

Projects are activities that promote bioregionalism or empower organizers and communities that sponsored by our 501(c)3 umbrella.

A World of Bioregional Movements

The Cascadia Department of Bioregion is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of bioregionalism, and supporting the Cascadia movement.

Ambassadors grow bioregional movements. They represent the idea to friends, family, businesses and their communities. By joining at any level, you can access our Cascadia Community, a home for discussion, resources, training and places for people to connect the issues and passions they care about.

It is our goal to develop watershed and bioregional based frameworks that can provide a viable and positive alternatives to existing power structures. To accomplish these goals, we believe in bioregionalism, a grassroots approach to ecology that uses natural boundaries to reinforce sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance.

Connect. Grow. Share.

This is Cascadia and we are Cascadian. We hope you join us.

Thank You!

The Department of Bioregion, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are a grassroots movement born out of passion and a love for bioregionalism. Your support means the world to us.

All memberships and donations support our 501(c)3 activities, and support local bioregional Departments and projects. You can cancel or adjust your membership anytime from your online dashboard. All information is private, and will never be sold, shared or misused.