Voting Cascadia: Our Bioregional Rubric
Principles Vs: Platform
Our Principles
Our Goals

Where Our Goals Align: Tools for Building a Bioregional Movement

  • Amplifying Voices: Sharing, Building, Not in a colonial manner.

  • Building Coalitions

  • Create a Hub: A Centralized Place for Gathering information

  • Brainstorming Ideas: Open Space Conference

  • Taking Action: Convening a Spokes Council
    Principles of a Bioregionalist

  • Personally: Cascadia is Family – Be Kind and Compassionate. Be positive and supportive. Create space. Don’t assume context. Build Up – Don’t just tear down. Take Responsibility for Action. Be Accountable and Transparent.

  • Defending the Gates: Spotting Danger, How to handle danger,

Cascadian vs Cascadia – A Self-Identifying Movement & Culture

Towards Bioregional Culture

Diversity & Inclusion

Fighting White Supremacy

LGTBQ Issues

Promoting the Arts

Voting Cascadia: Our Bioregional Rubric