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This is the dashboard for the board. Here you will find links to needed resources, information, deadlines and our monthly meeting.

Links / Logins:

  • City of Seattle
  • WA DOR
  • King County 4Culture
  • Washington L&I
  • Washington ESD
  • Squareup / Payroll
  • SAM.gov / FEMA

Tax Information:

Sam.Gov Unique Entity ID: VTVKL9DY8YY4
EIN: 85-4402939
UBI: 604 685 531

Washington Reseller Permit:
Permit Number:A51352324
Effective Date:Oct-10-2022
Expiration Date:Oct-09-2024

WA L&I Information:
L&I Account: 34712400
L&I PAC Code: 96803740
ESD Number: 000585686001
The Experience Factor for new employers is 1.0.
WA Paid Family and Medical Leave: Not exempt
Rate effective date: 1/1/2023
State Unemployment Insurance Rate: 1.39%
Employment Administration Fund Rate .002%

Class Code 5301-16: Service/Professional Organization NOC


  • Sam.Gov Unique Entity ID: VTVKL9DY8YY4


  • City of Seattle Business License
  • Washington Reseller Permit
  • Utah Reseller Permit
  • Washington Bylaws
  • IRS Application

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