Bioregional Activation Tour

Growing from the success of similar events in the great lakes bioregion, we have invited the Design School for Regenerating Earth to join us for a month long “Bioregional Activation Tour” here in Salmon Nation. These activations will partner with local on-the-ground teams to organize community workshops, presentations, discuss problems in their areas, and reimagine shared frameworks of stewardship that better represent the places we call home.

More than just a tour however, this is an opportunity for every place based group to catalyze and empower their own work, connect with new audiences, and form long term networks that are the “interconnective tissue” for their own watersheds and places. Beyond our own home, these lessons will be documented, shared and scaffolded as we codesign these processes with other emerging networks, communities and bioregions around the world.

Cascadia Bioregional Summit

These gatherings will be an emergent process defined by the wisdom, knowledge and stories of its participants and will culminate in a “Cascadia Bioregional Summit”. A hybrid in person / online event to weave together our work across scales, in which local teams can share presentations, challenges, reportbacks, envisioning, and workshops they feel are important and can connect with broader audiences.

But just as importantly as these events, is what comes before, and what comes after. 
How can we make sure the process of preactivation, our pathways to these summits, is centered as much as our time at the summit itself? And just as important as the climb to the summit, is the time we spend together at the top to co-create our pathways back down again. How do we connect these amazing one time “summits”, to the “valleys”, our communities and peers where we spend the majority of our time, and where the work is done. How do we codesign a hundred pathways to a hundred valleys? And lastly, how do we see these visions matched with the financial and emotional resources they need to implement what they have identified they need?

An Invitation

By exploring these questions we will weave our work together, envision place-based frameworks and imagine new forms of bioregional governance for the long term stewardship and regeneration of Salmon Nation. 

While we are two of the conveners, this idea grew from an amazing community of stewards across Salmon Nation and all of your support. This is just as much your project, as much as it is ours, and we would love to extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us.