Bid Welcome | New Community Coordinator!

Bri was born and raised in the Central District of Seattle and has shaped their environmental career around recreation ecology and environmental justice. They graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A in Multidisciplinary Studies and a minor in Environmental Studies. She will be the backbone of daily administration, Cascadia Bioregional Ambassador network coordinator, and our community organizer aficionado.

We hope to utilize her skills in volunteer coordination, socioenvironmental systems, and building straightforward systems. When she isn’t working on Department of Bioregionalism tasks you can find them with their dog Baya (2yo standard poodle), paddle boarding, working at the local climbing gym, knitting, or playing Wychwood. 

“I have built my entire environmental career in resource management, specializing in scientific
research, community outreach, science communication, and increasing access to green spaces
for underrepresented communities. For change to happen, we need to protect what we can and
hold those who choose not to accountable.”

— Bri Ross (She/They)

Bri Ross


/briː/ /ˈɹɑs/

Favorite Colors: Sage Green, Quartz Pink, and Orange (but like a yellow turmeric orange)

Favorite Dog Breeds: German Pinscher, Poodle, Clumber Spaniel 

Favorite Cat Breeds: British Shorthair, Orange, Ragdoll

Favorite Food: Thai, Mexican, Southern

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