Bioregionalism: Regaining our Sense of Place by Erik Haugland – From the Archive


In our second archived article, we are excited to share a piece by Erik Haugland titled Bioregionalism: Regaining our Sense of Place that was printed in 1987. It was published in between the first and second Cascadia Bioregional Congresses (1986, and 1988), and provides a very nice in shot documentation of the discussions happening in creating a Cascadian and Ish River (now the Salish Sea) identity. Waves was a publication based out of Capitol Hill in Seattle in the 1980’s.


You can read the entire document here:

Huge thanks go to our wonderful archivist Quinn Collard, who is taking the time to so painstakingly scan and edit in both the text and images, and we are so excited to help share these materials to provide a deeper understanding of Cascadia and the bioregionalism movement as it has existed over the last four decades.

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