Cascadia Day 2023

let’s celebraTE! May 18th, 2023

For over a decade we have made it a priority to amplify, encourage, and support our fellow Cascadian’s to spend a day with Cascadia. We are continuing the tradition again on May 18th; here at the Department of Bioregion, we will be celebrating our 12th official Cascadia Day. We commemorate Cascadia on the anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption, as a day of remembrance for how alive our bioregion is, across The Cascadia Subduction Zone.”

This Spring we want to remind you all that life finds a way under the most intense conditions. Our bioregion contains distinct regional values, unique traditions, inherent beliefs, and our devotion to creating a sustainable and equitable community in which leadership is in the hands of the people and a strong community is our greatest asset. So, whether your flag is on a sticker, tee-shirt, or your own drawing – we welcome everyone from all around the globe to join in the celebratory fun.

“Cascadia Day, May 18… the anniversary of Mt. St. Helen’s eruption. On that day people realized, forcefully, that the earth is alive! This event coincided with the emergence of Plate Tectonic theory in Geology, and discovery of what came to be called in the mid-1980’s, “The Cascadia Subduction Zone.” Massive forces that make our world—volcanic eruptions, mountain building, mega-earthquakes, huge tsunamis, among others—all came to be seen as part of the same system working deep in the bones of the earth. Dynamisms shaping the character of our region began to be revealed for the first time.

Everything changed after that….”

-David McCloskey, Cascadia Institute

Invitation: "save the date. cascadia day. dept of bioregion. who: everyone. what: a day to celebrate the cascadia bioregion. where: everywhere. (vertical text) may 18th"


  1. Share a post on social media. Share your favorite Cascadia picture, temporarily change your profile image and help get #Cascadia trending!

  2. Fly your Cascadia Flag. Show off your Cascadia gear and artwork.

  3. Host a gathering. Impromptu get together to do a Cascadia activity such as picnicking.

  4. Exist in nature. Birdwatching, gardening, or whatever else feels Cascadian to you.

  5. Support a group doing amazing work or a business you feel is local, ethical, or sustainable.

Make sure to tag @Cascadiabioregion on Facebook and Instagram, and @Cascadiadept on twitter and we’ll be resharing all day.

And above all, have fun and share share share!

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