Cascadia hoodies and shirts for the holidays, what designs would you like to see?

Hi all,

We’re excited to do a run of Cascadia shirts and hoodies for the holidays this year and I’d love to get your opinion on design, color, size and type. We’ve got six designs we’re currently looking at, and I’m curious what you’d like to see.

What Cascadia t-shirt / hoodies would you like?

let us know here


  • For shirts, we’re thinking about Allmade 100% organic cotton t-shirts, which factors in environmental sustainability and ethical supply chains.

  • For hoodies, we’re thinking about Royal Apparel which is US sourced and union produced. However, this ups the price a LOT, so we want to make sure that’s okay, and get creative with ways we can offset the cost for folks who might not be able to afford it.

If you have other suggestions for brands, please let me know.

We will hopefully have shirts and hoodies ready to order by early December. They will be available for purchase, and also for members as a thank you gift. Members will receive the design they like, and have access to wholesale prices for stickers, apparel and gear.

What Cascadia t-shirts/hoodies would you like?

let us know here

In addition, in the upcoming months we’re going to be setting up a new dedicated online store front, and a percentage of all sales (instead of just flag sales) will be going to flag creator Alexander Baretich and the Cascadian Flag Cooperative. We think that’s really important and are really proud to make that partnership.

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