Investigate West Launches new “Decarbonizing Cascadia” Series

About Getting To Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia

Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, also known as Cascadia, are failing to decarbonize and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, despite being a collective “green” region. Why? We have technology to change, so what’s stopping us? Do solutions to climate change exist?


“Getting to Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia” is a yearlong reporting initiative led by InvestigateWest, in partnership with Grist, Crosscut, The Tyee, the South Seattle Emerald, The Evergrey, and Jefferson Public Radio.

“Getting to Zero” explores the solutions to low-carbon energy for Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. All rely heavily on hydropower, are transitioning from resource extraction industries, and have rapidly diversifying populations and face common challenges as they transition off fossil fuels and decarbonize.

This project aims to show how British Columbia, Washington and Oregon are well-poised to demonstrate to the world how to produce energy without emitting plant-warming greenhouse gases. This part of the world known by some as “Cascadia” is supposedly one of the most eco-friendly regions in North America, if not the world. And yet all three governments have failed to live up to their promises to moderate climate pollution by 2020. 

You Can Read Their First Three Articles at here:

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