New fundraiser for Forests for Climate Resilience this Saturday in Portland, Oregon.

Join Forests for Climate Resilience and Forest Defenders for a gathering of #Forest Folk, Saturday in Portland, Oregon. The night will feature music, forest updates and movement news!

RSVP on Facebook Here

All money proceeds Forests for Climate Resilience.

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Forests for Climate Resilience (FCR) is a newly-formed forest defense group in the Pacific Northwest. We recognize the vital role of healthy forests as ecosystems resilient to wildfire, drought, and other effects of climate change. We need to protect and restore our forests for carbon sequestration, and climate refugia, as well as for habitat, and clean water and air.

Logging projects, such as the 11,700 acre Crystal Clear timber sale in Mt. Hood National Forest, are damaging and regressive. This sale includes 3,000 acres of mature and old-growth forests. It will destroy carbon sinks, habitats and waterways, while contributing to the logging industry’s emissions (highest in the state). Basic improvements in forest practices, including a complete end to logging old-growth and mature forests, are the single most important move we, the people, can make in our bio-region.

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