Join the Cascadia Election Response Network

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When we organize, we win.

Since November 3rd, we have had more than 1200 people sign up to join our Cascadia Election Response Network. More than just about any one candidate or election, we see this as a pivotal moment in history when we must start preparing networks of mutual aid, local resilience, training and preparation for times of emergency, and if ever needed, civil disobedience. Be it an emergency, man made or natural, or fighting against the rising tide of fascism, climate change, economic inequity, systemic oppression or misinformation, we will be ready.

These types of networks don’t just happen. Historically, it is often the result of serious training. Time and again, we have demonstrated the power that unified, nonviolent, mass-action can have in the face of illegitimate regimes seeking to subvert the will of the people.

Join our Slack Channel

When you join, use the channel browser on the left hand hand side to find your local neighborhood group, or to request one if it already hasn’t been found. Join our resiliency network, and use this as a space to plug your own groups and resources you find important that you feel are bioregional, local and ethical.

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