Share a Post, Join our Cascadia Day Raffle!

Join the Cascadia Day Raffle:

Every year, we share and repost dozens of images from Cascadians around the bioregion and world!

This year, we’re hosting our first Cascadia Day Raffle. Tag us in a picture or post about Cascadia, and you’ll be automatically entered to win lots of Cascadia gear that we’ll be giving out during the day and next day.

We’ll be sharing images & reposting all day, so make sure to give us a tag at @cascadiabioregion on facebook and instagram, and @cascadiadept on twitter. and you’ll be entered to win some of our Cascadia Giveaways, including several bundles with t-shirts, flags, masks, stickers, passports and more.


In addition, we’re hosting a Cascadia Flash Sale all day today, so if you don’t want to leave gear up to chance – we’re offering 20% all Cascadia items for the day. Grab patches, stickers, flags, candles, passports, maps, or whatever your heart fancies. Use code MAY18 anytime on May 18th at checkout to receive the discount.

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