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Cascadia Spoke: A Bioregional Journal

The Cascadia SPOKE is a new community publication to promote place based realities and provide a written hub where diverse voices, artists, poets and communities can share topics, issues and news most important to them in a physical format. Our first issue, coming out this winter, features work from more than 30 individuals and artists.

Our first edition is printed in black and white, on a 34” spread (11×17” per page) on 20 pages on recycled newsprint in Seattle, Washington by Pacific Publishing. We are mailing these free of charge to roughly 1000 people and to anyone who would like a copy. Sign up for a copy. Nominate a friend to get one. Grab a bundle to get out in your community. 

The goal of this newspaper is to create a grassroots movement resource that educates about the Cascadia movement, bioregionalism, shares updates, and can provide a physical space to steward conversations among organizers. The Cascadia Spoke also aims to be an opportunity for any member of the Cascadia community to submit articles and stories that they are passionate about, so long as they align with the Underground’s guidelines which can be found here.

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