Your Chinook Wawa Word of the Day: Itlwillie


[ITL’-wil-lie] or [ITL’-u-li]— noun.

Meaning: Flesh; meat; muscle 

Origin: Upper Chinook, i-tlgwul; Lower Chinook i-tl’uli ‘meat’

If one had “itlwillie sick” (bruised/sore muscles), they would naturally complain “konaway nika itlwillie sick” (all my muscles are sore), a likely outcome for one’s “lejam itlwillie” (leg muscle) on Leg-Day.

The meat of all animals was referred to simply by the name for the animal; hence mowitch referred both to deer and venison. However, if one wished to be specific, they could say “mowitch itlwillie” or “mowitch yaka itlwillie” (venison), or something similar, such as “lemooto itlwillie”, or” lemooto yaka itlwillie” (mutton), “moosmoos yaka itlwillie” ( beef), “osho itlwillie” (hog meat; pork), and “tenas moosmoos yaka itlwillie” (veal). All good things to know if one is looking to “mahkook itliwille” (buy/sell meat), or identify “humm itlwillie” (carrion).

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