New Cascadia Membership Designs Are Here!

Membership Gear.jpg

We are very excited to share that our new membership designs for this year are in!

Shirts feature the bioregion, with new our new movement Doug flag design on the sleeve.All members receive a passport, flag, stickers / patch, and special shirt / hoodie and other cool gifts throughout the year, though each person can also choose to make 100% of their membership to Cascadia organizing. These little items make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers, and folks can also make it a gift for another supporter.

Folks who want gear before the holidays should make sure to place their order before December 5th for Canada, or December 15th for south of the border. If you’re an already existing member, we’ll be reaching out shortly about your preferred shirt / hoodie sizes.

For those not familiar, the Cascadia Department of Bioregion is a 100% supporter driven and volunteer based movement. All money goes straight back into organizing, helping us get our message out there.

We love Cascadia, believe in bioregionalism as a philosophy to save our region and planet, and are tired of the craziness and insanity that has become commonplace in our world today. We want to be able to directly impact the issues that we care about, and so those living on this planet can have a real life and livelihood better than our own, rather than worse.

If you agree, join us, become a member!

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