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  • New Cascadia Membership Designs Are Here!

    We love Cascadia, believe in bioregionalism as a philosophy to save our region and planet, and are tired of the craziness and insanity that has become commonplace in our world today. We want to be able to directly impact the issues that we care about, and so those living on this planet can have a…

  • Our New Diplomat Departments Forming for 2020

    As we enter into 2020, our Cascadian Diplomats are organizing themselves into six different core departments they have deemed to be the highest priority for building the Cascadia movement, the independence of the Cascadia Bioregion, building a network of bioregional movements around the world, and improve the well being and liveability of our bioregion.

  • Department of Bioregion has a wonderful meeting with Bioregional Learning Center of Devonshire

    The Cascadia Department of Bioregion was excited to meet with members of the Bioregional Learning Center in the South Devon Bioregion in the United Kingdom. One of the primary focuses of the meeting was sharing skills and knowledge regarding our two groups, and building a global model of collaboration as we move forward.

  • Department of Bioregion has productive meeting with California National Party

    The Cascadia Department of Bioregion had a very pleasant meeting with representatives of the California National Party. It was great to be able to make introductions, share a bit about each others past histories and movement histories, and talk about pitfalls and strategies for success. It was interesting also to hear of their challenges with…

  • Happy Cascadia Day! 2019 Roundup in Pictures

    2019 Cascadia Day in pictures! See some of the hundreds of pictures, photos, celebrations from around the bioregion. Every year, we celebrate May 18th as Cascadia Day, a day to celebrate the unique culture and dynamism that makes this region so special. Hundreds of people shared posts, pictures, photos and local businesses, libraries, elected officials…